Patrick Henry Key Club

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The "Key" (K.E.Y.) in Key Club stands for: Kiwanis Educated Youth!

Thinking about joining Key Club, but not sure what our club is all about? Here's your chance to learn from our members themselves! Other information is courtesy of

What is Key Club?

"Key Club to me is a place where I can effectively and productively help out the community. At the end of the day, it gives me the satisfaction of knowing I've done something honorable. I've learned many leadership skills and have greatly improved on my public speaking skills. Key Club really does utilize it's Four Core Values and from now on I will try to utilize in my daily life! It has also given me many memories and friends that I will treasure forever! Believe it!" - Kathy Doan, President, (12) 

“Key Club to me is caring, friendship, service, and unity. My junior year joining Key Club, I learned the value of friendship and the power of unity. I learned that anyone can make friends and that anyone can step out of their shell (hippo cheers make it all the more easier). I learned that students from schools, collaborating hand in hand, can make a difference in the world. With each service event Key Club attends, we can change the world for the better. I learned that Key Club members are not just superficial occasional attendees, but rather we are all a dedicated and caring bunch. As Key Clubbers, we live by our motto: Caring -- our way of life. With what I learned, I hope that each member joining Key Club can learn the same values I did.” - Dereck Lau, President-Elect (11)

“Key Club to me is making a difference in the community by helping out and making new friendships blossom. For myself specifically, Key Club has helped shaped me into being an even better person. It helped with my public speaking and leadership skills. Key Club is something I'll never forget.” - Kathy Ha, Member (9)


“Key Club is more than just a club to me. Joining Key Club was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I have met so many amazing people, experienced so many great things, and discovered my passion for helping and caring for others. I’ve discovered that Key Club is more than that. It’s about being a part of something bigger than you and acting as a whole as we serve our community and beyond.” - Liza Le, Member (9)

“Key Club has been such an amazing experience and what we're doing for the community is awesome. It's a great chance to meet many different people.” - Alex Pham, Member (9)

“Key Club is where you get to meet amazing people who have the same amount of weirdness that you do, and they don't mind it.” –Kimi Wong, Member (12)

"Key club is a great club to get community service done and make new friends along the way!" 
Jennifer Nguyen, Webmaster (12)

"Key Club to me is a big community which helps kids and adults learn how to volunteer for great causes and become active with the community not just the club itself." - Sally Luong, Member (12)

"Key Club to me is about making new friends, because you're always meeting new people through all the community service events." - Andrew Phan, Member (12)

"After I joined Key Club, I got out, served, and socialized more, which also made me a better student and a better person in general. I didn't play games for hours anymore. After I stopped, I did more productive things!" -Calvin Nguyen, Member (9)

What We Do

Key Club International is the high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.

Key Club International brings together all Key Club's members' efforts and energies into an area that makes an international impact through the Major Emphasis, "Children: Their Future, Our Focus.” The Major Emphasis unites Key Clubs under the banner of service that deals with the most important part of our community, our youth.

The Key Club service initiative is the hands-on element of the Major Emphasis. All of the hands-on service provided to children by Key Club International members is directed to a single area of need, to make a substantial impact. The current service initiative, The Eliminate Project, allows Key Clubbers joining forces with Kiwanis International and UNICEF eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Each year, Key Club International teams up with its three partner organizations, March of DimesChildren’s Miracle Network and UNICEF, for the fundraising element of the Major Emphasis. As you plan your club’s service programming for the year, keep these organizations in mind. Each Key Club is encouraged to participate with our partners as we join together to make a difference in the lives of children.

What We Stand For

Mission statement

Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.


We are caring and competent servant leaders transforming communities worldwide.

Core values

The core values of Key Club International are leadership, character building, caring and inclusiveness.


"I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions."


"Caring–Our Way of Life"

  • To develop initiative and leadership.
  • To provide experience in living and working together.
  • To serve the school and community.
  • To cooperate with the school principal.
  • To prepare for useful citizenship.
  • To accept and promote the following ideals:
  • To give primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the material values of life.
  • To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.
  • To promote the adoption and application of higher standards in scholarship, sportsmanship and social contacts.
  • To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship.
  • To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render unselfish service and to build better communities.
  • To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which makes possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and good will.

Fun Facts!

  • Key Club has 260,000 members
  • There are more than 5,000 clubs
  • Key Club is represented in 30 countries

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